A Modular Home Raising

August 21, 2017 | Tom Bassett-Dilley

TBDA is pleased to add another project to the distinguished list of Oak Park, IL architectural “firsts.” Our prefab, modular, Zero Energy Ready Home (DOE) has been built in an Indiana factory by Hi-Tech Housing, and was set in place on  August 23, 2017  in Oak Park. It took 3 trucks and one large crane to place the six modules together, and after six hours, there stood a fully enclosed and roofed house ready for finishes.

This home is designed to optimize contemporary technology while respecting the character of the neighborhood:

  • Factory-built above-grade structure, wiring, plumbing, and weather sealing reduces construction waste and time, and provides quality control superior to typical site-built conditions;
  • Highly insulated thermal envelope with exterior foam insulation to avoid thermal bridging, reducing heat loss, the primary energy demand in our climate;
  • Small, efficient mechanical systems including balanced heat-recovery ventilation for comfort, efficiency, and optimized air quality;
  • Low-flow plumbing fixtures with on-demand recirculating hot water to minimize water consumption;
  • LED lighting and Energy Star appliances to minimize energy use;
  • Durable pre-finished exterior materials protected by robust water management design;
  • Solar photovoltaic array to create on-site electricity, with capability to store power in new-generation batteries (Tesla, Sonnen, etc) for covering essential circuits during power outages.
  • This home is seeking US Dept of Energy Zero Energy Ready Home certification, providing the capability to achieve annual zero net energy, comfort, health, and durability.
  • While looking to the future, we have designed the home to respect the character of the neighborhood, using a traditional farmhouse vernacular.

Introducing Prefab Modern Farmhouse:

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