From The Field: A Decarbonization Picture Story

October 28, 2021

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We are making progress on my home decarbonization project—the old slab was removed, basement wall and under-slab insulation was added (big oops on the underslab XPS order—this stuff is HFC-blown, but there was an ordering and availability snafu);

and the new slab poured (with new columns installed for the main beam for longevity);

siding was removed;

basement windows were replaced and peel-and-stick air barrier was added;

the walls were filled with cellulose (through holes drilled from the exterior);

then continuous wood fiberboard insulation was added;

the electrical service was upgraded from 100A to 200A (there was some debate as to whether this was necessary, with the possibility of load sharing technology);

the gas line was removed; a new heat pump and duct system was installed for heating and cooling; a new conditioning ERV was added for ventilation;

new appliances were installed, including a heat pump water heater, induction cooktop, and heat pump condensing dryer;

the basement was drywalled;

we’re currently finishing rebuilding the soffits and facias;

and next we move to rebuilding the back room walls.

The house feels different in a good way—it definitely fluctuates in temperature less with all the added insulation, the HVAC system is so gentle and effective, and cooking with induction instead of gas is a pleasure. I’m so looking forward to getting the back room rebuilt so we can run a blower door and check our airtightness.