TBDA’s Resource List

July 21, 2022

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TBDA is not affiliated with any of these companies and don’t have any commercial interest in them, but they are all products or resources that we have used in our projects and think are worth considering.

Building Science Corporation: tons of papers, insights, tools, like this article on spray foam, and this one on conditioned and unconditioned attics. Free!
Also from Building Science Corp’s Joe Lstiburek is the Builder’s Guide to Cold Climates, an excellent detail reference for architects and builders.

Building Science Fight Club: great lessons for architects, great Instagram feed.

Green Building Advisor: lots of practical insights and discussions. Articles like this on mini-split heat pumps, and the extensive Detail Library. The GBA Prime is a paid membership.

Passive House Institute US (PHIUS): certification, training, and continuing ed. PhiusCon 2023 will have new thinking on the Revive program.

DOE Healthy Indoor Environment Protocols for Home Energy Upgrades

Rocky Mountain Institute: thinking on efficiency and health, like this article on gas cooking risks

Living Future Institute: Declare website for healthy materials and Biophilic Design resources

UL’s Greenguard website for healthy materials and products

Rewiring America IRA savings calculator

475 Supply (membranes, tapes, ventilation, insulation, skylights, instruction)
Global Wholesale Supply (Steico wood fiberboard insulation etc)
Small Planet Supply (membranes, tapes, insulation etc)
Prosoco fluid-applied air sealing products
Henry Blueskin peel-and-stick air barrier membrane (exterior air barrier at my house)
Alpen High Performance Products, US-made triple-glazed, insulated frame windows and doors.
Zola Windows and Doors for Passive House performance including historic preservation products
Build Equinox CERV ventilation systems
Renewaire ERVs
Zehnder ERVs

Also check with your local salvage places like Habitat ReStore for salvaged materials. We’ve used salvaged flooring, old-growth lumber, and some fixtures to good effect.

Payette’s window comfort calculator and also PHIUS’ window comfort and condensation calculator: beyond energy performance, it’s good to know whether windows will be comfortable to be near, and whether they will create condensation in expected temperature ranges.