Art of Architecture

March 14, 2023

Biophilic DesignFrom the Field

We visited Frank Lloyd Wright’s Kathryn and Lloyd Lewis house today—such a poem in wood, brick, light, and river. Wright was intent on creating an experience—something that’s not easily captured in photographs, but at the heart of the beauty of his buildings.

The driveway ends near the river, where a second-story trellised balcony beckons from an otherwise mostly blank facade,

then you arrive at a patio viewing the bend in the river; then through a cavelike space (below the living room) to the door; which opens into a forest-like space with stairs wrapping up to the living room,

which is the Prospect and Refuge experience as purely as I’ve ever seen it built:

with your back to the massive brick, you view out over the verdant garden, woods, and river from your safe place.

Who designs with such primal power in this age of inspo pics?