TBDA 2023 Holistic Design Statement

May 18, 2023

Biophilic DesignDecarbonizationEco DesignGreen ArchitecturePassive House ArchitectureZero Energy

As architects, our goal is to create buildings that are good for their inhabitants, neighborhood (setting), biome, and the climate at large. We see this as a continuing search to build more in harmony with Nature. Every project is an opportunity to advance our understanding of technique and artistry, always striving to integrate performance and aesthetics, where form and function are entwined as a single expression. And what is that expression? This is a continuously evolving search as well, playing out differently in various projects. Here are some current ideas and themes:

In our next series of posts, we will be highlighting retrofit projects in construction where we’re creating houses for the 21st century in homes that were built from 1905 to 1953. We’re remaking the layouts and spatial experiences to align with modern expectations, and we’re reducing energy consumption by 70-100% from where they were. We’ll also feature a low-carbon new house in construction. Stay tuned!