Starry Nights Farmhouse

  • | PHIUS+2018 Source Zero (Pre-Certified)

  • | Insulated Concrete Forms

  • | Designed for Net Zero

Starry Nights Farm, an organic cattle farm in southern Wisconsin, requested a home in line with their sustainability goals. This timeless-looking but cutting-edge home features:
*Passive House design, using energy modeling to optimize the thermal envelope and energy strategy;
*Annual zero energy use through conservation-based design and a roof-mounted solar PV array;
*Health promoting interior through minimized toxicity in materials and finishes, demand-controlled energy recovery ventilation, and natural light and materials;
*Structural strength and durability through insulated concrete form (ICF) wall construction;
*Resilience through backup power and pellet stove supplementary heating.

As a net-zero building, all power-heating, appliances, hot water, etc. are supplied through electricity, with their annual consumption calculated to be offset by the predicted production of the PV array.



Structural Engineer
Olympic Engineering


Energy Use
pEUI = 0, 100% reduction

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