Bungalow Decarbonization


I decided to take the leap and decarbonize my 1919 frame bungalow. The driving motivation was a combination of a sense of stewardship and adventure—doing the right thing by my building (which would make for a more durable and much healthier and comfortable living environment), and experiencing first-hand technologies like the heat pump water heater, mini-split heat pumps, induction cooking, and good ventilation with energy recovery. I employed all the PH strategies at my disposal: minimizing thermal bridges, insulating, making the house airtight, using an ERV for ventilation, and using efficient lighting and appliances, plus some solar PV. 

Watch these videos and listen to the podcast below to learn more about this project.


General Contractor
Biltmore Homes

Third-party Testing and Verification
Insight Property Services and Eco Achievers

Landscape Architect
Twig Landscape Design

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Energy Use per Architecture 2030
EUI = 0, 95% reduction

Chicago Sun-Times, November 3, 2023,
“Will gas stoves become a thing of the past in Chicago?”