Lake Bluff Passive House


Passive House is a model for low-energy, high-quality living, and the Lake Bluff Passive House achieves it with contemporary style. With non-toxic construction and finish materials and a continuous energy-recovery-ventilation system, indoor air quality will be optimized; with efficient lighting, appliances, and mechanical systems along with a super-insulated envelope, comfort is ensured along with low energy consumption. Low-flow water fixtures with a demand-controlled hot water recirculation system keep water use and energy low. The interior features an aging-in-place ground floor bedroom suite, sophisticated handling of natural light, and a feature stair built of reclaimed oak timbers.



General Contractor
Biltmore Homes


Structural Engineer
Goodfriend Magruder Structure


Third-party Testing and Verification
Eco Achievers


Hausman Photography


Energy Use
pEUI = 6, 86% reduction